Sykesville Composting Pilot Program

Helping to Make Sykesville Greener and Cleaner

Meet the Girl Scout Team

Charlotte, Sarah, and Tainne are Cadette Girl Scouts in Troop 1290 who attend Sykesville Middle School. Together, with the Downtown Sykesville Connection, they are working to implement a community wide composting program as a part of their Silver Award project. The Girl Scouts are excited to meet with Sykesville citizens and share information and resources about the benefits and advantages to composting.

What is Composting 

Composting is a process that converts organic materials into nutrient-rich soil or mulch through natural decomposition.

When and Where are the Educational Sessions Going to be Held

Date: June 19 or July 17, 6 pm
Activities: Composter Distribution & Training (sign-up required to receive a composter.  Priority will be extended to Town of Sykesville residents. Anyone is welcome to join the training!) 
During this session, we will be giving away tabletop and backyard composters (pick one or both while supplies last; use the link above) and offering tips and advice for new composters.

Composting Expert - June 19th @ 6 pm:

Nicole Batista, Sykesville resident and expert composter

Composting Expert - July 17th @ 6 pm:
 Diane Bayless- Carroll County Master Gardener

Over the summer, we will be sharing valuable composting tips and advice and answering questions to support your composting journey. Be sure to follow us for regular updates and helpful information.

Date: September 18 @ 6 pm
We will be addressing any additional questions or concerns
about our program.

All sessions will be held at the Sykesville Community Garden, 7547 Main Street, downtown Sykesville.

How to Compost

1. Collect and add organic waste. Remember to balance ‘greens’ (nitrogen-rich materials) with ‘browns’ (carbon-rich materials)

2. After your compost bin is full, you can connect with one of our Composting Champions (see "What are Composting Champions?" section for info) or go to our community composter, dump, and rinse out for the next use. The community composter (see picture above) is at 7547 Main Street, side of the Townhouse.

3. The composting champions and Green Committee volunteers will be in charge of turning the composter over so that the compost becomes soil, which will be later used in the Sykesville Gardens or yours.

Our Goal and Why We are Doing This

The Downtown Sykesville Connection Green, Clean and Safe Committee are working jointly with KSB to implement a composting program aimed at reducing food waste and promoting sustainable practices.

This supports DSC effort to create green spaces and support sustainable environmental efforts within the downtown Sykesville community. - is launching an educational composting program in downtown Sykesville.

We aim to develop this program further and integrate it into the local community’s initiatives while aiming to empower the residents to become active participants in waste reduction efforts while promoting a cleaner, greener Sykesville. The program seeks to create lasting positive change for generations to come.

What are the Benefits of Composting 


By turning our food scraps/yard trim into compost:

  • We transform our waste into high quality soil and use it to help the environment.
  • We reduce the volume of materials that might otherwise be disposed of in landfills
  • We prevent powerful greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Save Money

Composting involves minimal:

  • effort
  • equipment
  • expense
  • expertise

You save money by producing a free, high-quality soil -that can improve growth-which reduces your use of pesticides

Promotes Biodiversity and Community Engagement

The process of composting supports a diverse range of microorganisms, beneficial for the soil ecosystem. These organisms help break down organic matter.

Community composting programs can foster a sense of shared responsibility and collective action towards sustainability goals.

What are Composting Champions?

We are also looking for enthusiastic individuals to become "Composting Champions" to grow our Composting Champion team. As a Composting Champion, you would offer your Town of Sykesville neighbors the option to drop off their table-top composter contents at your backyard composter. This is a fantastic way to build community involvement and support sustainable practices. Please reply with your willingness to become a Composting Champion.

Current Composting Champions:

Shain Marbut - 7495 Windswept Ct

Julia Cooper - 641 Shimmering Run Ct

The Wittigs - 7517 Main St

Contact [email protected] to get in touch with them.