Our Community Gardens, Their Volunteers & Activities

Sykesville Community Gardens

The Sykesville Community Gardens is managed by the Green Committee and conducts most of its activities at the Sykesville ‘Eileen M. Merkle’ Community Garden, overlooking Main Street, in the heart of our downtown at 7547 Main Street.

The Downtown Sykesville Connection Green, Clean and Safe Committee (Green Committee) is composed of residents and Master gardeners working jointly to create green spaces and support sustainable environmental efforts within the downtown Sykesville community.

Volunteers’ opportunities and educational programs are held at this location throughout the spring, summer, and fall months of the year. Consult our Facebook event page for more information.

2024 Volunteer opportunities:

Water the Main Street Flower Post

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Water the Little Sykes Gardens

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Watering the Main Street Garden

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2024 Calendar of Activities:

Upcoming Fundraisers:
o   BotaniGal Fundraiser: 10% of the sales for the month of March.
o   14th Annual Dinner Fundraiser at E.W. Beck’s on 3/4/2023:
Please support our garden with a visit to E.W. Beck's Pub & Restaurant!
10% of all carry-out, lunch and/or dinner purchased at E.W. Beck's on this day will go towards the 'Eileen M. Merkle' Sykesville Community Garden. All money raised will go towards mulch, seedlings, seeds and other materials for the year. The Green Committee gives back to the community by providing educational nature programs and a place for the community to garden… for free!
o   Garden Fundraiser at Noodles & Co:
 Dining and online ordering will benefit our beautiful garden on 3/11/2024!
Use the coupon code “GIVING25” for online orders or mention the Garden when ordering in at the restaurant for 25% of all sales to go directly back to the garden.
Green Committee’s Mission

The Downtown Sykesville Connection’s Green Committee strives to increase outreach and train community members to end littering, improve recycling and beautify our community through green initiatives. The Green Committee seeks to make Sykesville a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live, work, and play while promoting individual responsibility for the community environment.

The Green Committee operations are largely organized around the maintenance and development of both of the community gardens – the main garden at 7547 Main Street, Sykesville, and the Schoolhouse garden at 518 Schoolhouse Road, Sykesville – and the cold frames at 731 Sandosky Road, Sykesville.

Green Committee Chair: Laura Donnel Green

Committee Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Sykesville ‘Eileen M. Merkle’ Community Garden, weather permitting, 7:15 pm, contact [email protected] for the latest location information.

Other contact information: DSC’s Executive Director: Julie Della-Maria [email protected] 410-216-4543

Green Committee’s Responsibilities

The DSC Green Committee conducts most of its operations at the Sykesville ‘Eileen M. Merkle’ Community Garden, on Town property and coordinates with the Town the upkeep of the gardens.

Green committee duties:

  • The GCS committee plant, maintain and winterize the community gardens at both the Main Street location and the Historic Schoolhouse location, between April and the second week of October.
  • The Green committee hosts a total of 10 events at either one of these locations throughout the summer and fall, and 1 event at the cold frames by the little Sykes railroad.
  • The Green committee ensures that the areas where the activities are taking place are left clean after the activities.
  • The Green committee trims, maintains and waters plants added to the garden flowerbeds described below.
  • The Green committee plants, maintains and waters the Main Street flower pots and the Parklet planters between April and October.
  • The Green committee repairs and varnishes as needed the dedicated bench at the Main Street location.
  • The GCS committee maintains the cold frames on Sandosky Road.
Green Committee’s Garden Locations

The GCS committee’s garden locations and the areas for which the GCS committee is responsible are described below.

Garden Map 20190925

The GCS committee is responsible for planting, maintaining, watering, and winterizing these larger flowerbeds and the flowerbeds lining the adjacent property.

  • The Schoolhouse garden, 518 Schoolhouse Road, Sykesville MD.

The GCS committee is responsible for planting, maintaining, watering, and winterizing the 2 sets of flowerbeds

  • The cold frames, 731 Sandosky Road, Sykesville MD.

Cold Frames

The GCS committee is responsible for the maintenance of the cold frames.