Design Committee

Beautification, Art, and Historic Preservation Projects

The mission of the DSC Design committee has been to shape the physical image and plan long-term physical improvements of the downtown Sykesville community while honoring and preserving its historic charm.

The DSC will continue bridging community partners through beautification projects that preserve and enhance the unique historical features of the Town.

The DSC will work toward innovative ways to include arts in economic development projects and community programs.

Sykesville Hometown Hero Banners 

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sykesville Hometown Hero Banners APPLICATION, a project initiated by the Downtown Sykesville Connection in 2019!

    Return the completed application and attachment(s) to
    7566 Main Street, Suite 302, Sykesville MD, 21784
    [email protected]

    Call 410-216-4543 with questions

    The Design committee diligently began working on the project in 2019, conducting extensive research on designs, program applications, and models used in other towns. In 2020, as our lives were turned upside down, the DSC swiftly pivoted to “all hands on deck” to support and sustain our downtown businesses through various shopping programs, grants, and promotions, leading to the prestigious title of Best Main Street in America awarded in 2021.

    Fast forward to the spring of 2022, with our Main Street successfully stabilized (we proudly did not lose a single business, but gained five!), our Executive Director could focus on securing funds for the project. An application was submitted to the Carroll County Arts Council in early summer, and we were fully awarded the grant. The grant agreement was executed in February 2023.

    The Design Committee reconvened to update the project, finalize the details, and approve the application.

    We sincerely hope that you share our enthusiasm for this project. 

    At the DSC, it is our genuine goal and unwavering commitment to make downtown a place for ALL to enjoy and for our people and heroes to be celebrated.

Project list for 2022-2023

  • Creation of a marketing campaign for the Carroll County Quilt.
  • Production of an updated visitor guide and map.
  • Creation of a church wayfinding exhibit (grant permitting) – 6 signs.
  • Restaurant drawing sheets.
  • Produce flags or other materials to recognize veterans on Main Street.

Previous Achievements

2022 Achievements

– Carroll county arts council application: fully funded.

– Logo Trademark.

– Creation of a kids mural downtown Sykesville with 10 Snallygaster hidden in it.

– Coordination of the sticker design contest and production of the sticker for the TerraCycle cigarette pole receptacles.

– Design and production of the postcards booklets and postcard sets for the downtown business. Design of a postcards promotional campaign with the downtown restaurants.

– Completion and inauguration  of the historic story map with audio feature and inauguration of the story map:

–  Carroll County Quilt.

–  Restoration and coating of the Cityscape at the Little Sykes Railroad Park.

    2021 Achievements

    – Creation and production of a coloring book.

    – Administration of the logo design contest.

    – Creation of the Snallygaster stuff animal with the Nora foundation grant application.

    – Creation of the Greeting from Sykesville sign.

    – Carroll county arts council application: fully funded.

      2020 Achievements

      –  Creation of Snallygaster scavenger hunt.

      – Creation and replacement of the Main Street flags. The DSC has worked with the contractor that initially installed the Sykesville flags on the poles on several Town-owned parking lots to replace these flags with flags highlighting Town landmarks and signature events.

      – Creation Snallygaster sidewalk arts.

      – Nora foundation award.

      – Carroll county arts council application: fully funded.

        2019 Achievements

        –  Design and creation of bike rack with a local blacksmith.

        –  Creation of Curse of the Snallygaster storybook, mini-murals, and story map.

        – Design, purchase, and installation of the downtown pole flags.

        – Administration of art contests.

        – Carroll county arts council application: fully funded.

        Design Committee Chair: Dana Alonzi Design 
        Committee Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.
        Contact us for the latest location information.

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