Green, Clean & Safe Committee

Green and Wellness Initiatives Projects

The Green Committee creates green spaces, supports sustainable environmental efforts within the downtown Sykesville community, and manages the Sykesville Community Garden. The Green and Wellness Initiative Projects group will continue maintaining the Main Street garden, developing the Schoolhouse garden, and designing projects to support litter removal, greening activities, community education, and wellness in downtown Sykesville.

The Keep Sykesville Beautiful (KSB) group is a partnership between the Clean, Green, and Safe Committee of the Downtown Sykesville Connection (a nonprofit organization administering the Main Street program in Sykesville), the Town of Sykesville Staff/Public Works Department, and Sykesville Parks & Recreation.

Together, the three partners will use Keep America Beautiful’s framework for community education and hands-on stewardship that reduces litter, encourages recycling, promotes grassroots volunteerism, and makes sustainable improvement possible for communities of all sizes. KSB aims to improve behavior and create innovative, locally-focused programs that address the specific needs of this area and its population with the goal to reach deep into tour communities to effect meaningful, positive changes.

Upcoming Event:

Come and join us at the Sykesville Community Garden for our annual plant day. All plants are supplied- just wear comfy clothes! We hope to see you there!

Weekly meet-ups are on Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Sykesville ‘Eileen M. Merkle’ Community Gardenweather permitting.


May/June theme: Weed Watermelon Wednesday

Want to catch your breath and enjoy the sunset over Main Street's colorful historic cornices and gorgeous storefronts? Or maybe you just want to hang out with a super cool group that meets at the community garden every Wednesday at 7 PM? Whichever it is, join us in dirt-friendly clothing and shoes to pull a weed, water the plants, exchange garden tips, and shoot the breeze! Meet us at the Sykesville Eileen Merkle Community Garden at 7547 Main Street. We can’t promise it won’t turn into a happy hour at one of our downtown watering holes.

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Project List

  • KSB designation activities, projects, and reports.
  • Maintain, weed, and water the 3 downtown community gardens.
  • Host summer educational programs at the Main Street garden.
  • Administer a pilot composting program in partnership with Troop 1290.
  • Smart trash cans. The Green and Wellness Initiative Projects group plans on purchasing solar-powered smart trash compactors. These trash cans will generate a notice for the Town Public Works department when full. They use clean energy, limit maintenance, and will help manage the increasing amount of trash generated by Main Street visitors.
  • Create garden videos to recruit more volunteers.

Previous Achievements

    – Yearly maintenance of the three downtown community gardens & Main Street flower pots.

    – Coordination of four educational programs at the Main Street garden and community clean-ups.

    – Completion of the Cigarette Littering Prevention Program.

    – Participation in the sustainable community application with the Town of Sykesville.

    – Award and initiation of the Clean Up Green Up award to provide downtown businesses with recycled eco-friendly paper bags.

    – Purchase and installation of a stand-up tool shed at the Main Street community garden.

    – Application and award of the Healing the Planet grant through Keep Sykesville Beautiful – beautification project at the Little Sykes.

    – Application and award of the Clean Up Green Up grant – paper bags for downtown businesses.

    – Application and award of the Cigarette Littering Prevention Program through Keep Sykesville Beautiful 

    – Purchase and customization of cigarette collectors/educational program.

    – Completion of the Keep Sykesville Beautiful (KSB) training and certification.

    – Renovation of the Sykesville Main Street sign at the garden.

    – Purchase a bench for the garden.

    – Replacement of all flower beds with cedar lumbers, funded with the first Clean Up Green Up grant awarded to the DSC.

    – Addition of a fence and apple tree at the Schoolhouse Road garden.

    – Planting apple tree at the Schoolhouse Road garden.

    Green, Clean & Safe Committee Boar Liaison: Julia Cooper
    Green, Clean & Safe Committee Meetings: every Wednesday after planting at the Sykesville ‘Eileen M. Merkle’ Community Garden, weather permitting. 
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