Monthly Fundraiser

How will you contribute to the success of your community?

Each month, the Downtown Sykesville Connection dedicates its fundraising endeavors to a specific cause, project, or event. This targeted approach allows you to align your donation with your personal values, interests, and preferences, giving you the opportunity to contribute where it resonates most with you.

March - Green Committee & Sykesville 'Eileen M. Merkle' Community Garden

Join us in nurturing the heart of Sykesville! This month, we're embarking on a vibrant journey to bolster the DSC Green Committee and the cherished 'Eileen M. Merkle' Community Garden. Your support plays a pivotal role in not just sustaining but enriching this green sanctuary. By contributing to our fundraiser, you're not only helping beautify and maintain the garden but also enhancing its educational programs. Imagine a place where community members of all ages come together to learn, grow, and connect with nature. From hands-on gardening workshops to environmental education activities, your generosity will allow us to sow the seeds of knowledge and stewardship in the hearts of many. Let's cultivate a legacy of green living and learning in Sykesville. Support our fundraiser today and be part of something truly special!